Bubinga/Torrefied Sitka Spruce 8-string Baritone

Bubinga/Torrefied Sitka Spruce 8-string Baritone

I offer three sizes/shapes of ukulele:

  • Concert (14.7" or 16" scale)

  • Tenor (17" or 18" or 19" scale)

  • Baritone (19" or 20" scale) (+$250)

The following features are included with the base price of $1,400:

  • Bone nut and saddle

  • Fretboard with matching string-thru bridge*

  • Cantilevered fretboard with carbon fiber reinforcement

  • Carbon fiber bridge plate and neck reinforcement

  • Side markers

  • Custom rosette

  • Peghead overlay

  • Oil finish on body and neck

  • Gotoh UPT planetary tuners

  • Fluorocarbon strings

Upgrade options include:

  • Side soundport, $100

  • Body bindings and tail graft, $150 (+$50 for bound fretboard)(multi-line purflings may incur an additional charge)

  • Radiused fretboard, $100

  • Slotted headstock with Rubner tuners, $300

  • Fret markers on top of fretboard, $50

  • Glossy or satin pore-filled body with satin epoxy neck, $400 ($500 for baritone)

  • Case (offered at my cost)

  • Figured and other premium woods, cost varies

  • Specially ordered string sets, including sets with wound strings, cost varies

  • Installation of pickups, $50

A few polices: A refundable deposit of $250 holds a place on my build list. The deposit becomes nonrefundable when the build begins or when I have purchased special materials, such as a particular wood set or tuners.  I accept payment only through PayPal. Insurance is required for all shipments unless the buyer accepts full risk of loss. Shipments outside the US will be via US Postal Service.

*Wood that I usually stock for fretboard and bridge include African ebony, Macassar ebony, Borneo ebony, ziricote, maple, bocote, cocobolo, East Indian rosewood and Bolivian rosewood (pau ferro). Some of these may incur an up-charge. Other woods may also be available or can be sought out.