One of the members of the Ukulele Underground Forums recently posted this comparison:


I once owned a Collings tenor and have the highest respect for Collings instruments so it was treat to follow this thread!

Here is a review of this tenor that the owner posted on Ukulele Underground:

"Well, I confess, I was the lucky person who got the latest Ono tenor (Adirondack Spruce top with Bolivian Rosewood). I am really enjoying it.

"Here are my first impressions. This new beautiful Ono tenor is an outstanding instrument. David Ingalls builds as light as anyone, and his perfection in build execution is on par with very best (John Kinnard, Chuck Moore, Ko'olau,...). As an example, look at the end seam in the lower bout, the grain match is as perfect as you can get. There is no gap at all. One can only faintly make out the seam because of the flash photography. I thought the sides were 1 piece when I first saw it. The neck thickness and profile are just right (not too thin or thick). No pain at all playing this one for an hour or more. Another cool and important feature is the cantilevered fretboard. It allows the entire top to vibrate more freely.  

"The finish is a good, oil finish. The thinness of the finish must surely help create the large sound this uke produces. The tone is nicely even with crisp notes, good warmth and resonance. This Ono is currently in reentrant B tuning, with South Coast Medium strings. Not sure if I prefer C or B tuning better with this tenor. 

"Here’s a sound sample in B tuning.   It sounds terrific, even though it is still opening up.  


"Decided to add a C tuning sample:


"I highly recommend David Ingall’s work. My Ono is a stunning instrument."